Accord to comedian Kof, Tekno invented afrobeats.

Afrobeats were invented by singer Tekno, according to well-known Nigerian comedian Koffi Idowu Nuel, also known as Koffi.Read full article 
He emphasised that he [Tekno] created Davido’s blockbuster song “IF,” which was “the first afrobeats song to go international,” and said that afrobeats couldn’t enter the Western world until Tekno added “samples and bounces” to it.
However, the comedian said Tekno was “relegated” after becoming ill.
In a recent interview with Galaxy TV, Koffi made this claim.
The inventor of afrobeats is Tekno. Beat me, fight me, I will fiercely defend it.
“Everybody [artists] was just trying to find it [the appealing sound] before afrobeats could spread globally. 
But as you can see, Tekno was the one who found the sampling sounds and subsequent bounces.
“He brought ‘Pana’ and made that lovely video, and people were like, ‘Okay, oh.'” He then gave Davido the object. 
Tekno developed the beat for Davido’s songs “If” and “Fall,” the first two afrobeats tracks to truly gain international recognition.
And after that, Tekno was still the same person who gave up “Buga” even though he couldn’t do his job. In numerous ways, he has made quiet contributions. 
They demoted him, however, due to his illness and the fact that he did not advertise his pay on social media, he claimed.

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