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Why Nigerians should retire Atiku, Tinubu – Zikist Movement

A pressure group, Zikist-Aminu Kano Patriots, ZAP, has urged Nigerians to use their votes to retire septuagenarians, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

The organisation claimed that voting for Atiku, who is the presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or Tinubu, the APC standard bearer, would lead to unimaginable chaos.According to ZAP’s Secretary General, Dr. Steve Igweze, they have outlived their political value, and breached National Peace Accord, midwifed by General Abdulsalam Abubukar Committee, as evidenced by their offensive counter-court actions, thus overheating the polity, bordering on do or die politics.

Igweze stated: “No matter the ethno-religious or even partisan considerations that may propel their supporters, we should use our votes to say good riddance to bad rubbish, so as to save our fledgling democracy and preserve our dear country’s unity.“More importantly, Atiku Abubukar shares unparalleled Machiavellian tendency with Bola Ahmed Tinubu. And, as far as far both are concerned, it does not matter whether majority of Nigerians will die along the line, provided they become president.

“This obvious desperation is evidenced in their cross exposition and court action against each other, hence washing their dirty linens naked in public. What is more, they have been using their wealth to be overheating the polity, stoking ethno-religious lines, stoking fire and putting Nigerians in harm’s way.”ZAP admonished that it decided to alert Nigerians on the dangers and implications of Atiku and Tinubu’s deceptive and opportunistic tendencies, stressing that their antics have become legendary, worrisome, and demeaning to the office of President.

Going further ZAP quipped, “So, where do we start to chronicle the unbecoming antics of these two presidential gladiators which is of public knowledge?“One, Atiku deceptively wants to cleverly appropriate the Aso Villa cabal, while Tinubu wants to capture the other half, all in the vain glory effort of actualising their inordinate ambition to become President by fair or foul means.

“Secondly, it is on record that Atiku breached PDP’s constitutional provision on presidential power rotation convention between the North and the South, which, right from the inception of Nigeria’s Fourth Republic has been the fundamental unifying instrument of our country.“Then, apart from acknowledging the unprecedented bountiful benefits of Southwest in the Presidency, Tinubu went ahead to float the obnoxious it is my turn mantra and same faith presidential ticket, excluding the Southeast and Christians from the presidential docket.

“The third point is that while Atiku is currently pretending to represent the north, it is on record that he never factored the region in his primitive accumulation of wealth, when large per cent of northern children roam about in the streets and unable to access basic education.With exorbitant school fees charged at Atiku’s private university, 99% of the poor could not gain admission to his university.
Whilst Tinubu pretends to be fighting for the interest of Yoruba, albeit in essence, he is Lagos State Tax Collector via Alpha Beta,” ZAP stated.

The group enjoined prospective voters to deploy their Permanent Voter cards (PVCs) to choose between Mr. Peter Obi of Labour Party (LP) and Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP).“Obi and Kwankwaso represent the most beautiful options among the top four on the ballot, as Atiku and Tinubu have in their own volition engaged in Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) hence should be voted out,” ZAP noted.

The ZAP urged Nigerians to “deploy the Vote-Rigging-Vaccine (VRV), electronic transmission of voters result, progenitor of Electoral Act 2022 endorsed and etched in law books by President Muhammadu Buhari to retired Atiku and Tinubu.”


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