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Wagner commander, who was presumed dead in a plane crash, has reappeared in a video that was leaked on social media.[Video]

An old video of the Wagner leader who was thought to have died in a plane crash has reappeared on social media, fueling rumours about his alleged fate.Read full article 
Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Russian mercenaries, likened Russia’s wartime course to that of a jet that will “fall apart in the air” in the 40-second video.
After Prigozhin was reportedly one of the passengers on a private jet that crashed on Wednesday without any survivors northwest of Moscow, the dreary comparison has now strengthened the case for the notion that the Wagner leader was assassinated at the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Just two months prior, he stunned the world by inciting a coup against Putin before unexpectedly putting off the half-baked rebellion at the last minute.
Prigozhin stated he would rather be killed than lie to his country in the video clip, which was culled from an interview with Russian military blogger Semyon Pegov that was initially released on April 29.
In the video posted on Grey Zone, Wagner’s Telegram channel, he declared, “Today we have reached the boiling point.
“Why am I being so open-minded? Because those who will continue to reside in this country have more rights than I do. They are currently being misled. Better murder me.
But I won’t lie, I have to admit that Russia is in serious danger, he continued. And the plane will crash in the air if these gears aren’t altered right away.Read full article 


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