[Video] What is wrong coming with Keke. A Lawmaker from Anambra was refused access to the House of Assembly building because He arrived with keke.


 “Will I not use what I already have?” – A lawmaker from Anambra was refused access to the House of Assembly building because she arrived with keke

Because he arrived on a tricycle, Hon. Udemezue Bernard Abuchi, a representative for Anambra State’s Ayamelum constituency, was refused access to the state house of assembly building.continue Reading 

On a tricycle known locally as a keke, the legislator can be seen rushing the House of Assembly compound in a video that has been circulated online.

Hon. Udemezue was dissatisfied to discover that the security guards on duty would not remove the barricade placed at the building’s gate, preventing him from entering the premises.

The tricycle driver gave the legislator the information that “Oga dem say keke no dey enter.”

The honorable member exited the vehicle furious and said, “You give me car?, 

Is it not what I have that I will use?”*

Online reactions…

Some concerned netizens reacted:

abayenime_ wondered: “So those using Keke are not humans?”

austinejr.uwah asked: “What is wrong coming with Keke ….. This country”

orangeh_official reacted: “😂😂🤣🤣Nigerians comes up with different episode every blessed Day like it’s a handful”

Zimil.es added: “when he starts looting and driving exotic cars like his colleagues now, na you people go still complain.”

Watch the video below:

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