[Video] Tolanibaj and Neo are seen kissing in the bathroom For Over One Hour .



Internet users remark that “Big Brother sees everything” after Tolanibaj and Neo are seen kissing in the bathroom.

Reality TV stars Tolanibaj and Neo Akpofure were caught on camera making passionate kissing motions in the bathroom.continue Reading 

The romance between Neo and Tolanibaj has been closely watched by viewers throughout the reality series.

The two seemed to have grown remarkably close, drawing attention to their special times together.

This bond, however, had earlier been hampered by a dispute between Tolanibaj and Ilebaye, a different housemate.

Neo was annoyed by Tolanibaj’s advances on him, which sparked the fight.

Neo had publicly announced his intention to sever all ties with Tolanibaj inside of Biggie’s home since he was frustrated by the situation.But the most recent revelation throws the story for a loop. An audio recording of Neo and Tolanibaj sharing a passionate kiss in a private bathroom has surfaced.

The two housemates evidently looked for a quiet area to engage in their secret tryst in order to dodge the always watching cameras that record everything that happens in the home.

Reacting to the post…

@BATmustcollect said: “Camera inside toilet?? Isn’t this affecting their privacy?”

@streetking_007 noted: “When u hear big brother see everything u think say he dey play 😂😂”

@kofi_pinnocio wrote: “they don’t show us anything there, unless it’s necessary…but they see everything. sadly😩.”

@real_me_lulu stated: “They are well aware there’s camera there.”

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