[Video] Simi Cries Out What her Last Pregnancy Did to Her. Gave Reasons Why She Hasn’t Become Pregnant Again .


Singer Simi shares shocking revelation about why she hasn’t become pregnant three years after giving birth to her first child in a video.continue Reading.

After giving birth to her first child, Adejare Kosoko, popular Nigerian vocal powerhouse Simi Simi resorted to social media to explain why she hasn’t had another child yet.

Remember that in May 2020, Simi and her husband, singer Adekunle Gold, will give birth to their daughter, Adejare. Her lone child, who is now 3 years old, is as of the moment this content was filled.

Simi, the singer of “Duduke,” revealed why she hasn’t gotten pregnant again in her most recent online video with her daughter Adejare.

Simi states that having Adejare, her first child, has changed her body in several ways, one of which has impacted her eyes.

Simi continued in the video by stating that since giving birth to Adejare, an eye condition she has been experiencing has gotten worse.

Simi said she visited the clinic three months ago, and the doctor suggested a glass for her to wear in order to fix his eye issue.

Watch the video below;

See the responses below;

Poshest_Hope: Oh, the changes a woman’s body goes through throughout pregnancy! One of the reasons I would choose surrogacy if I could. Godspeed to all mothers everywhere.

Imagine going through all of this as a mother and having one foolish man continue to defraud you! Thunder, LMAO

Women try to, according to official__teewealth: All mothers who are great are blessed by God.

Thefoodnetworknig2: Being pregnant is such a sacrifice-filled, life-altering journey! Moms are pure gold.

the_saucee_: It makes sense why some Swedish women choose not to conceive. Pregnancy involves a lot. In this generation, surrogacy will be used.

michael._u:  E.g., the groceries you’ve spent money on in the past but which haven’t produced results.

jasonsfoodsng: That is precisely what occurred to me. I detest wearing glasses, but I have no other option in my current situation. To give birth, women go through a lot.

Miani 30: My entire body, particularly my brain, transformed.

One man will then speak up and inquire, “What do you bring to the table?” all of my life!

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