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[Video] Never Trust Men, See What My Husband Did To Me.Socialite Farida discusses the Third Mainland Bridge suicide attempt.

My husband lied to me and betrayed me. Socialite Farida discusses the Third Mainland Bridge suicide attempt.continue Reading 

Sobowale Farida

Well-known socialite and skincare tycoon Farida Sobowale AbdulKhadir from Lagos State has come forward to claim that her close brush with suicide was brought on by her devoted spouse’s painful misery of betrayal, whom she held in the highest respect.

When Sobowale attempted to jump into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge, she was stopped. This is when the terrifying events on Thursday night began.

The owner of the cosmetics company House of Phreeda parked her Lexus SUV on the bridge, stepped out, and sobbed uncontrollably as she requested permission to make the perilous drop into the lagoon.

Farida thanked everyone in a widely heard voice message after she had recovered from the tragedy. She expressed gratitude to both her supporters and the those who intervened to save her life. She also made clear that love was what drove her actions.

She disclosed that her ex-husband had vowed to support her through the entire process and ensure that she had children as well. But he didn’t fulfill his promises.

The Socialite went on to admit that she experienced despair, particularly as a result of Gistlover, a well-known social media gossip website, publicizing the dissolution of her marriage publicly.

Farida apologized to her family and honestly asked for their forgiveness in case her attempt to end her life had upset them.

In an act of goodwill, Farida sent her estranged spouse her best wishes for a successful union. She also apologized for any offense she may have ever caused him.

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