[Video] Blaqbonez confidently Shows His uncommon hairstyle To The Internet.


Blaqbonez gives his coworkers a run for their money as he flaunts his new hairstyle, saying, “You can’t be as fly as me.”

Blaq Bonez, a Nigerian rap sensation, has once again captivated social media, but this time not with his songs but rather with his self-assured swagger and stunning new hairdo.

In a recent video posted to his social media accounts, the rapper made the audacious claim that none of his peers could match his flyness.

In the video, Blaq Bonez can be seen confidently and ecstatically exhibiting his novel and uncommon hairstyle.

He brashly declares, “You can’t be as fly as me,” as the camera is drawn to his mesmerizing appearance.

Fans and other musicians alike have taken notice of the video immediately.

Watch video below 👇

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