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Twitter returns blue ticks to celebrities

Twitter returns blue ticks to celebrities

Twitter has reinstated blue verification ticks to celebrities, media houses and other high-profile accounts.

Blue ticks, which were once a free sign of authenticity and celebrity, must now be purchased by subscribers for $8 per month, according to Twitter.

Non-paying accounts with a blue tick were removed on Thursday, as owner Elon Musk implemented a strategy dubbed “Twitter Blue” to generate new revenue announced last year.

According to Travis Brown, a Berlin-based software developer who monitors social-media platforms, only a small percentage of blue-checked users subscribed — less than 5% of the 407,000 profiles affected.

However, a number of celebrities, including author Stephen King, NBA champion LeBron James, and former US president Donald Trump, regained their blue ticks on Friday and Saturday, seemingly without their intervention.

Same applied to most celebrities around the world including NIGERIA.

Musk earlier tweeted that he was “paying for a few (subscriptions) personally.”

American rapper Lil Nas X, whose profile features the blue tick, tweeted: “On my soul, I didn’t pay for Twitter blue, u will feel my wrath, tesla man!”

Some accounts of deceased celebrities, such as US chef Anthony Bourdain, were also given a blue tick.



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