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Tonto Dikeh reveals the ‘real colours’ of D’banj and Ini Edo: “You are too much of a betrayal

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh’s online dispute with her coworkers has resumed.

Singer D’banj has been charged with betraying the actor.continue Reading 

Tonto stated in an unplanned Instagram post that she would have fought back against a lot of s—t if it weren’t for his “snaky” character.

She remarked that because he is not a helpful person, he deserved all of his suffering.

D’banj and Ini Edo, according to Tonto, are unkind and stingy. She pleaded with anyone in dire need of assistance to stay away from them because they are unable to assist others.

The person @iambangalee is not very helpful. But as I constantly tell his buddies, don’t hold your breath. He is incapable of giving! D’banj and Ini Edo are unusually frugal people. Regardless matter whether you are going to die or survive, avoid asking for assistance from these people. D’banj is a fantastic master of hide-and-seek and will make money by selling sand to the beach.

“You are too much of a betrayal; else, I would have resisted much of your nonsense. But Dee, you deserve the pain you’ve experienced.

Unfortunately, there will soon be more harm.



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