Three boats allegedly stealing crude oil in Rivers are bombed by the NAF.


Three boats were destroyed by a Nigerian air force fighter during Operation Delta Safe as it was purportedly smuggling crude oil from a pipeline in Rivers Continue ReadingĀ 

On Saturday, the jet collided with the boat while executing one of its operations along a riverine area between Bonny Island and South of Port Harcourt.

The team discovered and destroyed an active illegal refining plant in the Rivers neighborhood of Idama, according to Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, the NAF’s Director of Public Relations and Information. The location featured tanks and reservoirs full of what they thought to be illegally refined goods.

The Air Component of Operation Delta Safe continues to target the core of oil thieves’ operations, so these are not the greatest of times for them and their allies in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. One of these operations took place on August 5, 2023, about 4 nautical miles south-east of Bille, a riverine region in Rivers State that is west of Bonny Island and south of Port Harcourt.

“Three boats were seen removing crude oil from a pipeline, necessitating airstrikes. As a result, the aircraft engaged and shattered the boats. Approximately four miles to the south-east of Idama in Rivers State, the crew saw an active illegal refining operation with tanks and reservoirs laden with what seemed to be illegally refined items as they flew into Port Harcourt. Following the incident, the site was destroyed, according to a statement released by Gabkwet on Monday.

He claims that Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar, the Chief of the Air Staff, has ordered all air component commanders in the nation to work with other security agencies as they conduct airstrikes on all criminal elements in the nation.

“The time of treating our nation’s criminal elements with child gloves is past. We have to keep going in this direction until we bring them all to their knees,” he declared.

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