“Stop feeling depre*sed when he says it’s over, durst yourself up and move on” – Actress Ruth Kadiri tells ladies

Popular Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri, has advised young ladies who are dumped by their boyfriends in a relationship.

She made this known via her Facebook account on Saturday March 11.
Ruth Kadiri stated that they should stop stressing themselves by being depressed and broken due to heart break, but rather to move on and be upgraded.

She wrote:
When a man dumps you, what attracts a better man to you is the value you add to yourself. Stop feeling depressed and broken when he says it’s over.

Durst yourself up, upgrade yourself, add value and class, go make money, grow in all areas, gain connections and see how both ex’s and better men walk to you. If he said it’s over let it be over and move on . You can’t be treated as a second option.
Keep your heads up and walk away with your pride and dignity still intact.