Scarlett Gomez comforts Debbie Shokoya Over Loss of Child.


Scarlett Gomez comforts Debbie Shokoya by saying, “I carried mine for 9 months, gave birth to him, but never saw him.continue ReadingĀ 

In response to Debbie Shokoya’s miscarriage, Nollywood actress Scarlet Gomez has opened up about her stillbirth.

The actress acknowledged that she never hugged or even saw her baby, despite carrying him for nine months and giving birth to him.

She is yet to view a picture of him.

She reassured Debbie of her support and comforted her while emphasizing how challenging it was. She consoled her by promising that God would give her the strength to smile once more.

“Carried mine for nine months and even delivered him. never carried him or saw him. I had no idea what he looked like to date. Sister, you are not alone! It’s not at all simple. God will give you the courage you require, and you’ll soon be grinning once more.

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