Sad video shows me being accused of stealing a phone by a record label, says Portable


While the quest for justice about Mohbad’s passing persists, Portable muses on the mistreatment he received at his former record label, where he was paraded and accused of stealing a phone. Read more….

It should be recalled that shortly after being famous, a video of Portable flaunting himself around the internet.

Despite Portable’s assertion that he was falsely accused after announcing his intention to leave the label, the Zazuu crooner was purportedly charged with stealing a phone by his former record company.

Portable made a suggestion that she herself had once been a victim as she thought back on the series of assaults that Marlian Music had committed against the deceased 27-year-old Mohbad.

“Una see my naked video online wey record label do me, them say i thief phone for this industry. You must do something before you become something. ARTISTS WEY NEVER BLOW COME DEY THANK GOD FOR LIFE. Why Anytime this video comes up I feel sad,” he wrote.

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