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Riot Occur as Osun government Closes down Polytechnic and All Government school’s. Freeze School Accounts.

State Polytechnic Closed by Osun Government; School Accounts Freeze

Drama unfolds as two Rectors return to service at Osun Polytechnic. On Thursday, there was some little drama at the Osun State Polytechnic in Iree as two rectors started working again.  Read more 

The institution had recently been in trouble following Dr. Tajudeen Odetayo’s suspension on July 11, 2023, by the state government due to claims of fund embezzlement, and the appointment of Mr. Kehinde Alabi as acting rector. 

To prevent the defendants/respondents, their servants, privies, employees, or anyone else so described from enforcing the letter of suspension from July 11, 2023, and the letter of inquiry from August 1, 2023, given to the claimant/applicant, Odetayo approached the Industrial Court on August 21, 2023 to the applicant/claimant hereunder or otherwise obstructing the applicant/claimant’s capacity as the Rector of Legal counsel O. A Ogunbowale, 

The Lagos judge in charge of the case, approved the claimant’s plea for an order and prohibited the state government and its representative from acting further until the outcome of the litigation was known. 

Alabi’s supporters gathered in a hall while Odetayo and several staff members who supported him continued at the rector’s office on Thursday, when both Alabi and Odetayo returned to their positions as the school’s rector. Odetayo was brought to the office by a delegation from the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic after arriving on campus and showing the head security officer a court warrant or ASUP at the establishment. 

Alabi and his ASUP team arrived at the school a short while later, and they assembled in a campus hall. In a statement he personally issued and made accessible to newsmen, Tope Abiola advised students and employees to keep their composure as the government took the required steps to guarantee peace returned to the campus. He pleaded with them to remain calm and perform their regular responsibilities without objecting.

The state polytechnic in Iree will be shut down immediately for a period of two weeks, per an order from the Osun State administration.

Bendelnews claims that the government quickly froze the school accounts as well.

The account was closed and frozen, according to a statement from Dipo Eluwole, the commissioner for education.

Recall that Dr. Tajudeen Odetayo, the institution’s rector, was suspended in July by the governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, following allegations of corruption.

The polytechnic’s interim registrar received a note from Muritala Jimoh, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, dated July 11, 2023, stating that the rector was being looked into for “allegations of financial recklessness, corruption, misappropriation of funds, and abuse of office.”

 The governor also approved Mr. Alabi Kehinde Adeyemi’s appointment as the interim rector, effective immediately, “pending the time the allegations against him are properly investigated by relevant bodies.”

Unexpectedly, the suspended employee went back to work while the matter was being heard by the court, keeping his suspension in place.

It follows that closing the school was in everyone’s best interests, according to the Osun State administration.

“This is to inform the general public, in particular staff and students of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree to proceed on two (2) weeks break, with immediate effect,” the statement said.

“The immediate break is a required step to maintain tranquilly in the Institution as a result of the Rector’s, Dr. T.A. Odetayo, forcible return from suspension.

The general public should be aware that School accounts have been immediately frozen, and it is crucial that everyone complies fully with these instructions.



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