Reno Omokri warns s**x-hungry men against marrying women who were either their own age or a few years younger.


It will be risky for men to wed an older woman.- Reno Omokri counsels sexually active males.

Ministerial list: Reno Omokri, a well-known author and social commentator, has sparked controversy with his most recent advice on age gaps in partnerships. Omokri expresses concern for native residents as Tinubu appoints Wike as FCT Minister. He spoke primarily about the aspects that men think about while choosing a life partner. Read Full Article 

In a statement, Reno Omokri emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy age gap in monogamous relationships.

Omokri began by warning sex-hungry men against marrying women who were either their own age or a few years younger. His strongest warning was saved for men who were thinking about getting married to women who were older than they were.

Omokri’s major argument centers on the fact that male libido lasts a lifetime, whereas female libido naturally declines with time.

He said, “If God spares your life, you, as a male, will preserve your libido into your eighties and perhaps into your nineties. Women, however, do not keep theirs for very long. He contended that this fundamental distinction could create problems in a monogamous marriage if a wife’s libido declines while her husband’s stays strong.

Omokri emphasized the negative effects that could result from such an imbalance, including the inclination to look for closeness elsewhere. What are you going to do? he demanded. start harassing the women at Unilag?”

“Marrying a woman your own age is dangerous if you are a man with a healthy libido. To marry a woman who is only a few years younger than you is dangerous, but less so. However, if you want to have a monogamous marriage, it would be a mistake to wed an older woman. It is not a problem if you both agree that you can have multiple partners. You claim to be in love. Listen, your desire cannot be controlled by love. If God spares your life, you as a male will maintain your libido well into your 80s and perhaps even into your 90s. Women, however, do not keep theirs for very long. I don’t think it is fair.

But the difference in desire between the sexes is real. What will you do if you marry a lady who is your age or older than you and she experiences libido loss after menopause while you don’t? begin tormenting Unilag girls? Because of this, a good age difference between the husband and wife is necessary for a happy marriage.

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