Read “The Petition For Protection” Mohbad Wrote Before he died.


Online petitions for the protection of the life of the late Mohbad flood the police in Nigeria. Read more….

Mohbad, a late Nigerian singer, petitioned the Nigerian Police Force in June for security for his life and property.

It is not surprising that the late singer’s supporters are steadfastly fighting for justice in the 27-year-old Mohbad’s death and hasty burial.

The latest update is that on June 25, after being attacked by Sam Larry, a petition was filed asking for protection for his life and property.

A leaked video shows Sam Larry and his gang interfering with the singer’s video shoot and threatening to harm him.

A portion of the petition reads, “On June 25, 2023, while having a video shoot with another artist by the name of Zlatan Ibile, the above-mentioned persons numbering about fifteen led by Samlarry Elegushi invaded the premises with dangerous arms such as guns, cutlasses, etc. where I was shooting video and disrupted the entire process of the shooting, damaged the equipment I was using for the shooting valued at about Five Million Naira, and started threatening.

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