Quick recovery sodiq; Fans Encourage Nigeria Artist CDQ, Seen In A Wheelchair After He had A Fatal Accident.


Nigerian artist CDQ was seen in a wheelchair following a grave injury.

Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, better known as CDQ, is a well-known Nigerian artist who was involved in a frightening car accident that left him unconscious and severely wrecked his vehicle. He is now on the path to recovery.Read Full Article 

 Recently, a possibly fatal occurrence occurred, leaving supporters and well-wishers worried for his safety.

The 38-year-old artist visited Instagram on August 30, 2023, to give his supporters and followers an update on his work.

He uploaded a photo that showed his toughness and will.

In the picture, CDQ is seen holding a microphone in his hand while seated in a wheelchair in a studio environment.

His will to overcome hardship and return to the stage is evident in the picture.

He wrote;

“Que sera sera,” a phrase that translates to “what will be, will be.”

Through these few words, CDQ appears to convey a powerful message to his fans, encouraging them to maintain hope and embrace whatever the future holds.

Reacting to the post…

greatnexx_v1 reacted: “What we be we surely be!! Stay strong OG”

tLlove_miami said: “Up is the place of a champion. Baba stand i want confirm something”

aremooba wrote: “You will live long my brother. Stay at home no he stay in the grave”

femiadebayosalami exclaimed: “OMG! Stay strong bro”

iambangalee commented: “Light warrior toh baddd stay Strong brother.”

pappythrill reacted: “Blood Welcome back”

sunnysantos_ag said: “Quick recovery sodiq”

mykey.co.uk added: “We thank God for the gift of life, and amazing to see a smile on your face… Stay strong and wishing a full fast recovery!”

officialarole wrote: “Glory to Jesus”

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