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Portable has Abandoned Me And His Son.Portable’s Second Baby Mama Honey Berry Cries Out.

He Hasn’t Sent Money For His Son’s Upkeep For The Past 4 Months, Portable’s Second Baby Mama Honey Berry Cries Out.Read Full Article 

As Portable Prepares to Marry Another Pregnant Girlfriend, His Wife Fumes

He has been accused of neglecting his son by Honey Berry, Portable’s second child’s mother. Portable is a controversial award-winning performer.

On Instagram Live, she charged the musician with being a deadbeat dad since she said he hadn’t given her any money for his child in more than four months.

She said how another father cannot keep feeding his son while he is alive as she implored him to take care of his son.

Honey Berry acknowledged that prior to becoming pregnant with Portable, she was unaware that he was married.

She asserted that the singer wanted her and his wife, Bewaji, a respectable woman, to disagree, but she refused and has been keeping an eye on the singer ever since.

She warned him to treat himself with respect and threatened to ruin his career by leaking all his secrets.

I shouldn’t be filming a video for you since I understand you better than I do. Bring cash so I can look after your son because my father is unable to do so. You haven’t sent money in almost 4 or 5 months. Because your job will disappear if I disclose everything, take care of your son.

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Check out his Instagram posts from the beginning; he frequently posted about me there. He posted his now-wife after me. When I became pregnant, he finally revealed to me that he was married. You want to escalate matters even though your wife and I have resolved our differences.

Despite your efforts to discourage her from communicating with me, your wife is a good girl because she still does.

You should respect yourself, guy.

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