Please Forgive Me, Ganduje Begs Kano People In Farewell Message


Please Forgive Me, Ganduje Begs Kano People In Farewell Message

Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has asked the people of Kano to forgive him.

The governor, while attending a Ramadan Tafseer in Al-Fruqan Jumaat Mosque, Alu Avenue Kano, said he has very few days to leave office, hence the need to seek forgiveness.

He said on his side, he had forgiven anyone who offended him and he wanted them to also forgive him.

“With this, I can say that the end of my tenure has come as a governor of Kano state. I am bidding you farewell and I wish you all the best in life.

“For those whom we have offended, already our Imam has preached about forgiveness. From my own side, I have forgiven you all. Whatever someone said about me I forgive him. I also beg you to forgive me. Thank you, ” Ganduje said.

In another Tafseer session, headed by Sheikh Nasidi Abubakar Gorondutse, Ganduje said, “I spent 6 year as a commissioner in Kano, 8 years as deputy governor and now 8 years as governor of Kano state. So I must thank Almighty God for this blessings.

“But for this long period, there must be some places where I did right and where I did wrong. Sometimes someone will commit an offence on your behalf. For whatever wrong I did, please I seek for your forgiveness,” he begged.

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