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Pastor Placed Heavy Church Speaker On Her To Perform Miracle

The quest for a quick miracles has lead to the death of a young lady in South Africa. According to reports a failed miracle attempt by her pastor killed her in the church. According to wire reports, a South African pastor tried to show the congregation a “miracle”, so he placed a 250 pound speaker on top of one of the women in his church. But the miracle never happened, and the young woman died from the internal injuries she sustained.

The reports indicate that this botched miracle attempt occurred at the Congregates of the Mount Zion General Assembly in South Africa. The pastor, Lethebo Rabalango, invited a girl from the praise team to the front of the church and asked her to lie down.
He then ordered the ushers to carry a 250 pound speaker and put on her stomach saying the weight would not harm her. He then climbed on top of the speaker. The girl who remained quiet for she had already passed out.

Efforts to revive her at the scene did not work, and she later died at a local hospital.



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