NYSC is A Waste Of Time — Kate Henshaw.


Kate Henshaw urges for the abolishment of NYSC, saying it “stops putting the lives of young people at risk.”continue Reading¬†

As she turns 52, seasoned actress Kate Henshaw shares 3 little-known facts about herself.

In a statement that has gained notice, award-winning actress and fitness enthusiast Kate Henshaw advocated for the abolishment of NYSC. Her support for eliminating the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program is strong.

Henshaw, a supporter of youth empowerment and safety, has expressed some concerns over the risks that program participants who are underage now face.

Henshaw’s thesis casts doubt on the NYSC program because of its dwindling relevance, which was originally designed to foster unity, cross-cultural interaction, and national integration among young Nigerians.

As corps members are dispatched to various regions across the country during their service year, the actress expressed her concern for their safety.

Concerns about the viability of assuring corps members’ protection throughout the program have been raised in light of recent reports of security threats and events involving corps members in various places.

She posted this on her Twitter.

“My time spent serving in the North was a truly special experience. It was safe to drive to the airport from Bauchi and fly to Lagos using only my NYSC ID card, which also qualified me for a ticket discount.

Since corpers cannot move within this nation without a LET OR HINDRANCE, it is time to SCRAP this notion!

Stop putting young people’s life in danger with outdated concepts.

Security is a top priority that must be fully resolved, not only technically.

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