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Niger Coup: Mohamed Bazoum, Calls for US government and the entire international community to help restore the country’s constitutional order.


Mohamed Bazoum, the deposed president of the Niger Republic, has demanded an end to the coup that forced him from office. Continue reading 

Bazoum described himself as a hostage and that he was one of the 100 Nigerians who were being held against their will by the junta.

Bazoum bemoaned the possibility that Russia would conquer the Sahel region in a writing for The Washington Post.

“The US government and the entire international community must assist in restoring the nation’s constitutional order,” he said.

The presidential guard of Bazoum overthrew his government on July 26.
The ex-president nonetheless stated: “I write this as a hostage.
“This coup must come to a stop, and the junta must release all those who have been wrongfully detained.
“Amid the authoritarian forces that have taken hold in several of our neighbours, Niger stands as the final stronghold of human rights observance in Africa’s volatile Sahel area.
Through the Wagner Group, whose vicious terrorism has been on full show in Ukraine, the entire Sahel region might come under Russian influence.
According to Bazoum, terrorist organisations like Boko Haram “will undoubtedly exploit Niger’s instability, using the nation as a staging area to attack neighbours and threatening peace, safety, and freedom throughout the world.”


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