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Men Now Undergo ‘Cosmetic Surgeries’

Men Now Undergo ‘Cosmetic Surgeries’

A man resorted to excruciating height lengthening surgery to get taller – and has grown a whopping five inches taller.

Having felt insecure about his 5ft 5in stature, Moses Gibson tried medications and even reached out to ‘spiritual healer’ in a bid to spring up.

With nothing working, the desperate 41-year-old decided painful surgery was his only option, which involved breaking multiple bones in his body.

He managed to add an extra three inches to his height in 2016 through surgery, but seven years later has undergone a second round and is using a height lengthening device.

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Moses, who has spent a total $165,000 on the two surgeries [first $75,000, second $98,000], hopes to feel ‘free’ by reaching his goal height of 5ft 10in by June.

He struggled with ‘heightism’ in his dating life and constant jokes about him being ‘short’, but now he has a newfound confidence and has found himself a girlfriend.

Moses, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, said: “I’ve struggled with height, I don’t know whether ‘heightism’ is what they call it, but being on the shorter side for men.

“Even when I was in high school, I was always unhappy with my height. “As far back as when I was probably like 15, I realised most of my peers were taller than me.

“It started getting to me gradually. “I just didn’t feel good about myself, I was unhappy about it most of the time.

“I used to like clothes and shoes, but I started not feeling happy when I put them on and I wanted to look better.

“It was my self-confidence in general, and with the ladies. It affected my dating life. I used to put things in my shoes to gain a little bit of height, but it wasn’t very much.

“People made comments. Sometimes it wasn’t in a mean way or intending to hurt, but they’d say ‘sh*t dude, you’re short man’ or make a joke of it.

“I’m a strong, tough guy, so I was never depressed about it but I went searching to see what I could do about it.

“I bought medication online that promised to make you the height you’re looking for. I took it for a while before realising it was nonsense and stopped it.

“I was talking to some spiritual healer online by e-mail who promised they could heal any problem. I tried talking to them to see if they could help but they just said ‘it all just depends on if you believe it’.

“When I got to college, I came across this procedure on the internet and straight away knew it was what I wanted to go for.”



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