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MEN NA OUR OGA, Let Them Cheat!!. Fans Mocks A Born-again side chic that Cried out, “My husband doesn’t want to stop cheating.

A woman from Nigeria who claims to be a former side chic has vented her frustration on social media about her husband’s tendency for adultery.Read Full Article 

She used to cheat on married men, but since being married, she’s decided to stop.

She claims that as a result of the situation, she is in the same predicament as when she was still seeing other women’s husbands.

Only married folks, she penned. How come you cheated? I’ve changed; I’m no longer a side girl, but my husband hasn’t yet. Is there any chance that he will change? I’ve had enough of the things I’ve previously served to other ladies, and it hurts me a lot.

In related news…

It is feasible for a man to love, defend, and provide for his side chic while still adoring his wife and family, according to delectable Nollywood actress Sarah Martins.

She asserted that for women, the situation is different since a wife is never allowed to cheat on her husband and still be faithful to him.

In a post on her Instagram page, Sarah claimed that after a woman cheats, she starts to look down on her partner and criticize everything he does. The curvy actress added that some side chics support their guys financially because they love them more than their wives do.

She stated: I noticed a number of comments on the article I wrote yesterday about a cheating wife, and a lot of people were excusing the woman’s behavior.

The truth is that a man may care for and protect his side chic while yet loving his wife even more and never abandoning his family. Truth be told, though, a woman can never deceive her spouse and remain faithful and still love him same way.

The man you fell in love with and had children for may start to anger you without cause, if they start to look down on their spouses, act authoritatively over trivial things, and find fault in almost everything their men does.

They start to hold grudges longer than necessary, find it difficult to forgive or accept responsibility, etc. They often start to compare their husbands’ strength to that of their man buddy. The sooner women start to realize that you can’t compete with a man over infidelity, the better for you all. Men will always be men, so stop comparing yourselves to them.

Oh yes, the majority of these “side chics” like your husbands even more than you do. A side chic can help your husband financially, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually, but as a wife, you couldn’t even give him a kobo as a token of your support for the family, even if you have millions in your account.

Because they will believe that if you can cheat on your husband with him, you can do worse things to him when he eventually makes you his, your side male buddies will NEVER dump their partners because of you. So use common sense and quit embarrassing your kids! Despite your belief that no one is watching you, history will judge you, sis. Men who find delight, in sleeping with people’s wife posterity will judge Them.

I have seen men who have multiple wives and still love them all equally, but I have never witnessed a woman who has multiple husbands. MEN NA OUR OGA even in the Bible! If you disparage me in this post, feminists will jam you.



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