Make I bend if e happen for Niger” Online Users Reacts when a man is seen moving planks in a Range Rover.


People’s reactions when a man is seen moving planks in a Range Rover are “Something wey Portable fit do.”continue Reading 

In a video, a man is shown driving his pricey white Range Rover while transporting wood, and online users have replied.

Drivers driving by noticed the inappropriate use of such a luxury vehicle for such a menial task.

One Twitter user who submitted the video remarked that instead of using recreational RVs to transport large items, people should just hire trucks to do the job.

Netizens Reactions…

In reaction, oloriebiblog_ wrote: “Make I bend if e happen for Niger”

theadanne wrote: “Is it not a car? If it can carry it, let it Carry it biko. Na because of two logs of wood, na him person go dey find trailer??”

jesusboi_ said: “if e call motto to ep am, apart from wasting his time, the billing wey dem go give am Lassan…”

endylight1 penned: “But this is not a proper use of SUV na, anyways na your car”

9ine_marley wrote: “Something wey portable fit do”

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