Lege Miami criticizes people who believe that God ought to take him and bring Mohbad back.


As he blasts Nigerians who implore God to remove them both and bring back the late musician Mohbad, Lege Miami blows hot. Read more…

Nobody is happy about Mohbad’s passing, but Lege said that this isn’t a reason to leave him out of the conversation.

A well-known artist named Lege Miami blows hot while criticizing Nigerians who implore God to take them both and restore the late singer Mohbad.

He revealed that he had heard that a number of fans, including one by the name of Damilola, had been openly praying with God to take them both and bring Mohbad back.

Although no one is happy at Mohbad’s passing, Lege said that it shouldn’t be used as justification to include him in the discussion.

He went on to claim that when he had even made an effort to understand more about the singer’s burial and what had actually happened to him, he had discovered that some people were also wishing for his own demise.

In reaction, razzyrichiie_ said: “Normally if God take you and give us mohbad eno bad naaa”

holluwaniphemmie said; “Did I just see “please Lege who killed mohbad? Aje Nigerians no get joy”

mz_xheun wrote: “Damilola oro yen naa poThat’s a bad thing to say sha”

shades_of_grains wrote: “That’s unfair on lege…. I disagree with whoever said such to him…”

acelady_luck said: “But y’all are doing too much for real,odindi ore seyi tinubu una no dey fear ore omo president ilu wa come on”

babsneh001 said: “Wahala too much for this country”

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