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Lagos government pledges to offer land for additional naval bases

Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, has said that his administration will continue to assist the Nigerian Navy and that the state is eager to give it land on which to build further bases.continue Reading 

During a courtesy visit to the Lagos House, Marina on Tuesday, Sanwo-Olu welcomed a delegation from the Nigerian Navy, led by Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, and assured them that his administration would continue to provide the Navy with the support it needs to increase the security of people’s lives and property in the state.

We must all recognize Lagos’ continued viability economically and in terms of security.

It is crucial that we all recognize that Lagos continues to serve as both our collective home and the center of national security and economic development.

We are also pleased that you recognized all of our modest efforts to provide you with land so you could build your different bases and strengthen the state’s security infrastructure.

 The governor replied, “We will make sure that whatever needs to be done to complete the formal handing over of those parcels of property is done fast so that you can completely take control and establish those bases for your personnel and security infrastructure.

“You have a government here, and you can always knock on our door. We’ll see what support you need, and what are the things we need to keep doing to make sure that your work and all of your men receive the necessary interventions from our government,” he promised the navy chief.

Earlier, the naval chief stated that “Lagos State is very strategic to the Nigerian Navy because this is the cradle of the Nigerian Navy” and thanked the governor for his assistance thus far. You may recall that the Nigerian Navy was founded in Lagos at the NPA’s Lagos Marine Department. Since Lagos was the location of our original bases, I, like the majority of navy officers, consider Lagos to be our ancestral home.



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