“Josh2funny wasted everyone’s time” on America’s Got Talent, according to Daniel Regha


Daniel Regha, a well-known Twitter commenter and critic, has blasted the America’s Got Talent stage performance by well-known comic Continue ReadingĀ 

In a recent appearance on the show, Josh2funny trivialized each spectacular exhibition he had promised to offer, amusing the judges and disappointing the audience in equal measure.

The comedian’s appearance on the show was praised by many Nigerians, however Daniel Regha, who wasn’t pleased with the performance, blasted the comedian on social media.

Regha claimed in a tweet on Wednesday morning that Nigerians constantly exaggerate things out of emotion. Joshfunny’s exhibition, in his opinion, was neither funny nor a wise use of his time.

In his own words: “It’s beyond shamefu! Nigerians will cheer anything as long as a Nigerian is receiving the publicity. Josh wasted everyone’s time on the America’s Got Talent stage, which is not hilarious. Why squander the chance when many audition each year but only a select few are chosen?

Daniel’s remark prompted a response from a user going by the handle @j_samdavid, who said: “I think you got it all wrong. Daniel. Josh’s AGT audition wasn’t humorous, as you can see. He was being paid or not paid by AGT to do his YouTube talent show skit, which some people found amusing. For the benefit of TV ratings, it was done. I didn’t think it was a fantastic skit, though, as the judges might have improved it.

In conclusion, I believe the American Got skill should already be canceled because it has lasted longer than necessary and is no longer truly about skill.

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Josh did abuse the chance, I agree, as stated by @HRH_Ujuaku. Heck, he could have cracked one of his clever jokes.

“He got to where your talent cannot reach man,” commented @Cryptodoccc_. Get off of it.

You’re mistaken about this, @groovepapi wrote. He is a man who went to present his comic talent to America, but he did so in his own special way that amused the judges as well as everyone in the audience. That man is deserving of respect.

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