It’s Tough Getting Help In Nollywood – Actor Joseph Momodu


It’s Tough Getting Help In Nollywood – Actor Joseph Momodu

A rising actor, Joseph Momodu, has said that though entertainers cannot do without female fans, he has learnt how to manage the attention from them.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “Entertainers cannot do without female fans, whether one is married or single. It is then left for one to keep things professional. When they complement one, one should not try and do too much in reciprocating. A simple ‘thank you’ and ‘God bless you’ is okay. One should not indulge them to the point that they start sending one (intimate) messages and pictures.

Recalling his early days in the industry, Momodu said, “The journey has not been smooth; it was actually rough. However, I thank God for His mercies. If not for His grace, I would have opted out of the industry a long time ago, because people are not willing to help. Once they see that one is talented, they would want to pull one down.”

The actor who often plays lover boy roles admitted that he used to be stereotyped in the industry.

“Nollywood typecasts actors. I used to be stereotyped as a lover boy in Nollywood. However, I have played other roles convincingly as well; and that has made producers and directors to see the range of what I can offer. I have also acted as both a wicked and gullible husband. I am no longer stereotyped,” he said.

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