Interior Minister tells Embassy: Anyone who can’t assist Nigeria’s To make development should be expelled.


The interior minister, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, has directed the agency heads to speed up the passport application and collection Read Full Article 

Passport applications shouldn’t need lengthy wait times for Nigerians. Alao Babatunde, the Minister of Interior’s Chief Press Secretary, cited Tunji-Ojo as stating, “No, this must end,” in a statement issued on Wednesday.

The Nigeria of our aspirations is not this one. I must be informed of the challenges the agency is facing.

The minister continued by saying that President Bola Tinubu had no use for excuses and encouraged the agency heads to follow through on their promises because the country was at a turning point and sorely in need of reform.

Another point raised by Tunji-Ojo was the utilization of technology to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of immigration and correctional services. Read the full statement below: “Tinubu wants no excuse, we must deliver,” Minister of Interior Hon. Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo tells agency leaders that they must act as though the country is in dire need of transformation.

I recently got back from a meeting with the president. He has no use for justifications. Work and output are required. We can genuinely be great, so everyone who can’t assist Nigeria make development should be expelled,” he stated.

“Tell me about your difficulties. I’m here to aid you in finding solutions. I also succeed when you find solutions to them and note your triumphs. Talking is no longer an option. So, continue talking. Let’s talk about remedies.

“Nigerians shouldn’t have to wait in line for hours to obtain passports. No, this has to end. Nigeria as we envision it does not exist. I need to be aware of the difficulties the agency is experiencing.

“To resolve problems, we must all work together to deploy and invest our knowledge. Nigerians will honor our commitments. We will excuse any officers who are not prepared for this demanding process.

The new administration was not interested in the customary speeches and essay presentations, he reminded the agency chiefs, but rather in taking measures that would result in development and value.

“Talks have not advanced us as a country,” he declared. It must be done correctly. Any country’s center is its ministry of interior. I want you to go back to your tables and present your plans of action. Making sure the ministry is effective is my responsibility.

Our immigration and criminal justice systems could undergo a transformation thanks to technology, which would make them more responsive and flexible. All that matters is that we must embrace innovation and find solutions to the current problems that frequently result in bottlenecks in our processes. Our nation is a magnificent and significant nation. Let’s fulfill expectations.


Babatunde Alao

the interior minister’s chief press officer

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