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IMEKO/AFON: FIALGSU Holds Second Edition Of Political Debate

The Federation of Imeko Afon Local Government Students Union (FIALGSU), ably led by Comrade Oluwagbohunmi Adisa, holds the second edition of IMEKO/AFON House Of Assembly Candidates Political Debate.

It was a memorable day in fialgsu history because all candidates and party chairmen were present, while some sent representatives.
Hon Adebisi Segun Bata PDP, Hon. Jemili Akingbade APC, Hon Sanusi Musideen Mese ADC, Hon Adeluyi Adeyemi NNPP, Hon Ayinde Adedoyin Raphael ADP Hon. Olabode Ayinla PRP, Hon. Liadi Ibrahim Akindele SDP, Hon. Falade Deola Ayinke APM, Hon.lawal Abdullah Babatunde LP

Hon Adebisi Segun Bata explained in detail the issues that the local government is facing, such as student bursaries and scholarships, and he promised to address all of these issues when he comes into office, as student welfare is most important to him.

Hon Adebisi Segun Bata goes on to explain how he plans to address poor education in the local government.

Hon. Sanusi Muideen ADC representative stated that his boss has plans on group to combat unemployment, particularly for students in the local government, such as vocational training and ICT training, and that this will reduce unemployment in our local government.

Hon Adeluyi Adeyemi of the NNPP explained why it’s youth o’clock.
People in government are currently only concerned with their own personal interests; they are unconcerned about the electorate’s ability to think critically.


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