I’ll like to marry Destiny Etiko if she’s truly a virgin – Falegan


I’ll like to marry Destiny Etiko if she’s truly a virgin – Falegan

Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s ex-lover Opeyemi Falegan, has indicated interest in marrying her colleague Destiny Etiko on one condition.

Falegan said he would marry the curvaceous actress if only she is truly a virgin.

He said Etiko would fit perfectly as the first lady of Ekiti State after declared interest in the gubernatorial seat in the next election.

He stated his desire to the 33-year-old after she claimed in a recent interview with Oak TV to be a virgin, leaving many social media users quite stunned.

She said: “I am still a virgin because of my crippling social anxiety…. I still have not had a relationship that has gone to that level”.

Media personality Daddy Freeze, who was stunned by her disclosure, initiated a live session on his Instagram page to discuss the issue with the online community.

While many people expressed their view on Eriko’s claim, Falegan suggested she may be telling the truth as he noted he believed her in someway.

He claimed Eitko has the “best shape in Nollywood and quite outspoken and well educated,” adding that she is his kind of woman.

The politician noted should the dream wedding become a reality, the popular media personality, Daddy Freeze would be the officiating pastor.

He wrote: “Destiny Etiko said she is a virgin I kinda believe her. If truly she is a virgin I will like to marry her.

“Moreover, she has the best shape in Nollywood and quite outspoken and well educated (my type) Omodaa daa, but only if she is a virgin.

“It will be reasonable to atleast marry morality, lack of corruption, goodness, cleanness, clarity, freshness, lack of pollution, untaintedness.

“Daddy freeze would make a perfect officiating church minister lol.

“But before u think she is lying or can’t fit into Ekiti First Lady, remember I had a purpose before anyone had an opinion. (ODF).”

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