If I can see Mohbad one more time, I’ll tell him to be careful of the woman he marries — Late singer’s dad (Video)

Joseph Aloba, the father of late Nigerian singer Mohbad in a recent statement revealed what he would tell Mohbad if he sees him one more time.

While featuring as a guest on Max 103.2 FM, the late singer’s dad asserts that if he sees he sees Mohbad again he would tell him to be careful of the woman he marries.

This comes days after Mohbad’s dad disclosed to all and sundry that his life was in danger as he claimed that Mohbad wife Omowunmi and her lawyer Falana are planning to k!ll him.
Recall that Mohbad dad and Mohbad wife have not been on the same side since the passing away of the singer.

At the Coroner’s inquest court, Mohbad’s dad said that Wunmi was very unfaithful to his son when he was alive as he speaks how his son told him that Wunmi used to put sleeping pills in noodles for him and she would go and sleep with a signee in another room in the same house they were living.
Speaking in the interview with Max 103.2FM, Mohbad’s dad said that his late son made mistakes when it comes to choice of a woman to marry as he wasn’t careful enough because he is a quite person.

He added that Mohbad’s wife and her family only came to his life to take away from him and leave him after collecting what he had.

He further added that he wasn’t in support of his late son Mohbad’s union with his wife as he asserts that it was just an introduction that led to an engagement.

The late singer’s dad stressed that Mohbad was the person who paid the dowry of Wunmi and not Mohbad’s parents.

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_southside_4: Mohbad sef should be careful of you too. If he was still alive. Nobody deserves this kind of man as a father.

mohteerays: The baba single handedly ruined the fire justice for his son. If you have the opportunity to see your son just once he will definitely avoid you.

princebettingtips: Why is wunmi not even agreeing to do DNA or why can’t we see the results of the DNA that was stamped and signed by the hospital?

vceebotanic: Those insulting mohbad’s mum, how many interviews has she granted since her son’s death and how many has his father granted so far😢.

aduke_luxury_store: So the people that you have proof/evidence of abusing your son nko?? Once a wife doesn’t do your bidding again, she’s a bad wife! Na wife wey mumu una like. She was her husband’s choice!! Not yours! So rest sir 🙏.

nellymesik: This man has no moral grounds for saying all this … He was also a thorn in that poor boys flesh … Now everyone including him has an opinion and 2 kobo to share … You didn’t even know if you son was dead and you hurriedly buried him.

queenyinka: I need to block the word “Mohbad’s dad” cos he disgusts me everytime he pops up with some dumbass stuff to say! May we not hate someone so much we become so disgusting like this. His hate for Wunmi is hurting him more!

arikeeee_: More like this man is happy about mohbad death….. he just dey grant interview, no remorse or whatsoever😢 Better to be fatherless than having this kind man as a father.

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