I have lost count of the numbers men i have slept with, if I start counting, I will honestly run mad-Kenyan socialite, Shakila

Kenyan celebrity Shakila has been transparent about how many tattoos she has and what they mean to her.Read full article 
The outspoken influencer admitted in a recent YouTube interview that she always gets tattoos of her ex-boyfriends after they pass away. 
She wrote;
 “I have 19 tattoos in total, 11 are of my ex, I got my first tattoo immediately when my ex-boyfriend died. The most inspiring tattoo I have is of my best friend’s face. I tattoo my ex-boyfriends when they die.
Additionally, Shakila admitted that she had lost track of how many men she has slept with. The self-identified “Queen of the Streets” also revealed that she will go insane if she starts keeping track of her s**xual partners.
She also added; 
“I don’t know my body count, if I start counting, I will honestly run mad, but I don’t remember honestly.Read full article 

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