Hyacinth Alia, benue state governor, has approved the new retirement age and length of service for all categories of teachers in the state.



All categories of teachers in the state of Benue will now have a new retirement age and length of service requirements, thanks to the state’s governor, Hyacinth Alia.continue reading¬†

This was stated in a press release issued on Friday and provided to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Makurdi by his Chief Press Secretary (CPS), Sir Tersoo Kula.

In accordance with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) recognition, the statement stated that the Governor has approved the adoption of the revised retirement age and length of service for all categories of teachers in the state.
Additionally, it stated that the new procedure’s adoption would be retroactive to May 2023 and that Dr. Ogbogbo Ode, the State’s Head of Service, had signed the circular.
The Governor said that this was in support of the Benue State House of Assembly’s adoption of the Harmonised Retirement Age for Teachers, which was approved by the previous administration and signed into law.
The new retirement age for teachers under the new authorisation is 65 years old, with the duration of service set at 40 years, depending on which comes first.
With the new development, there won’t be any restrictions on how the standardised retirement age/length of service for Education officers/Teachers will be implemented.
“Those who do not choose to participate in elongation plans, however, are free to seek for retirement from the service in accordance with the current Public Service Rules.
The statement continued, “Furthermore, the Education Officers, Teachers and the general public are to note that the Harmonised Retirement Age Law 2023, is superior to any guideline on the subject.”

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