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How is the largest award ceremony in Nigeria held in the United States?- Tacha asks the Headies organizers a question

Former Big Brother Naija star Tacha presented a challenging query about the Headies’ venue after the 16th annual awards presentation. Read Full Article 

The Headies are without a doubt the most well-known music award ceremonies in both Nigeria and Africa.

The reality TV personality raised concerns about the show’s global objectives and effect by questioning the choice to hold the award ceremony in the United States.

Tacha, who is renowned for being forthright and honest, used her social media platform to express her opinions by posing the question, “How is the biggest a ward show in Nigeria held in the US?”

Some members of the Nigerian entertainment business have doubtless had some reservations about the idea to conduct the event there in recent years, and internet users are still baffled by it.

While some contend that hosting the show will increase its visibility and reputation abroad, others believe it will lose its fundamental character.

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