He’s dead; at least you all can Rest now ; Take your prize, declares Mohbad’s Babymama


He’s dead; at least you all won; take your prize, declares Mohbad’s Babymama. 

The widow of the late Nigerian artist MohBad disclosed the tragic truth of how he passed away. Read Full Article 

She revealed that in addition to confronting people who wished to end his life, MohBad also had to cope with sadness and worry.

He lost his joy even after the birth of their child and grew more and more anxious. Since he cherished his family and was constantly worried for their security, he encouraged his wife to leave for the benefit of their child.

She spoke about his issues with recurring conflicts and the negative connotations associated to him.

Tragically, he passed away, leaving a grieving widow and a stirring plea for peace.

Nothing makes him happy any longer, and even after seeing his baby, he grew more anxious. He’s a family man now, and he doesn’t want anything to happen to us,” she wrote.

“I was meant to pick up my child’s passport yesterday so that we could begin our journey. He always tells me that. Wunmi, please leave for the sake of my infant; if these people hurt you or him, it would break me. Just leave me alone to deal with them. Rest in peace, Ilerioluwa. That calm is truly what you need.

His wife continued to convey her sorrow by saying that since they had won, she was now a widow at the young age of 24.

“This Nigga struggled until death, too many pains, threatening,” she said.He has never experienced a day of complete happiness because he has always experienced constant fights everywhere he goes. To give the public a different perspective on him, he was labeled as a drug addict, a crazy person, and a mental patient. Take your prize; at least he’s dead and you all won. You all made me a widow at the age of 24. Idajo re daaaa olorun.

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