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For those discussing whether or not I am alive; everything is fine, Wargner warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin declares in a new video

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the warlord of the Wagner clan, was seen in recent video “dismissing reports of his passing” and admonishing that “everything is fine.Read full article 
It follows a number of allegations that the head of Wagner may have avoided dying by concealing a body double on board his deadly business aircraft, which crashed in Russia on August 23.
Many people think Vladimir Putin killed him as retaliation for the June coup he organised against the dictator’s government.
For those debating whether or not I am still alive, Prigozhin, 62, is heard saying in the video while driving while dressed in military uniform.
 How are you? The weekend and the second half of August 20–23 are here. He declares to the camera, “I am in Africa. Fans can talk about my removal, personal life, income, or anything else they want, but everything is actually OK.
Grey Zone, a Wagner-affiliated Telegram channel, released the footage.
He once remarked that the dead speak louder than the living, as was stated in a previous post by the station that featured his burial. That’s what he demonstrated!
When the video was shot was not disclosed by Grey Zone.
Prior to the flight disaster last week, it is known that the warlord visited Africa, where Wagner has business and military operations.
suspects from the pro-war Military Informant channel The footage was taken on the weekend of August 19–20, while he was still in Africa and just days before Russia claimed that he and nine other people were murdered when his business jet crashed close to Moscow.


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