Dubois should hold the title of world heavyweight champion, Carl Frampton insisted.



After Daniel Dubois controversially punched Oleksandr Usyk in the stomach during their high-profile battle, Carl Frampton asserted that Dubois should be the heavyweight champion. Read full article 

The Ukrainian was knocked out in the fifth round of their battle by the British boxer, but Usyk went on to win and keep his heavyweight titles.

Usyk was sent flying backward and onto the ropes behind him after his opponent took a strong shot to the midsection. 

When the referee determined that the strike was “below the belt,” he called a time-out to give the heavyweight champion a chance to recover himself before continuing. However, the champion was unable to stand up and the match was stopped.
However, Frampton, who was doing commentary for TNT Sports tonight, thinks Dubois should have won the fight and that it wasn’t a “low punch.” 
In the fifth round of his victory with Daniel Dubois, Oleksandr Usyk was knocked to the ground.
The Ukrainian retained his belts on the night but there was controversy after Dubois was deemed to have punched him below the belt
Thirty seconds into the fifth round, Dubois punched Usyk in the lower abdomen with a right hand.

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