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Couple Welcomes Family’s First Daughter In More Than 130 YEARS

Couple Welcomes Family’s First Daughter In More Than 130 YEARS

A Michigan couple has welcomed the first daughter in the family in 138 years.

On March 17, Carolyn and Andrew Clark brought baby Audrey into the world – making her the first girl to be born on Andrew’s side of the family since 1885.

Carolyn revealed they were shocked when they learned they would be having a baby girl, having been left stunned when her husband revealed his family’s unique gender history.

Speaking to Good Morning America, the lovebirds detailed the huge surprise that was bringing Audrey into their family.

Carolyn explained she first discovered that Andrew’s family hadn’t had a girl in over 130 years when they were dating.

She added that when Andrew initially told her the story, she didn’t believe him.

‘I’m like, “Oh, it’s a 50-50 chance every time. What do you mean?” He goes, “No, legitimately, we have not had a girl in our direct line in over 100 years.”‘ Carolyn recalled.

The mom-of-two then even asked his parents to confirm the story.

Andrew’s family told her that they ‘hadn’t had a girl in our direct line’, explaining that while his ‘uncles and cousins have had girls’, there has not been a girl in his lineage.

Welcoming the first daughter in 14 decades was even sweeter because Carolyn tragically suffered a miscarriage in January 2021.

She noted that when they learned she was expecting she was just overjoyed to be having a healthy baby and didn’t care if it was a boy or girl.

Carolyn added: ‘It was just icing on the cake that it was a girl.’
When the family gathered last September to celebrate their pregnancy and reveal the baby’s sex, they were ‘shocked.’

‘We kept it a secret to ourselves as well. So I just assumed it was going to be blue in the center of the cookies and it’d be another boy in the lineage,’ Andrew told GMA.

He added that he was ‘shocked’ when he saw the center of the cookies that revealed their baby’s sex were pink.

‘It was a good surprise for us,’ he said.

Carolyn explained the family is ‘so happy’ that they can finally experience life with Audrey and that she is healthy.



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