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Comedian Sabinus is My Idol. A Man traveling from Benue to Lagos to see Oga Sabinus begs, “I must meet him

A young man is traveling by foot from Benue to Lagos to witness the legendary comic Oga Sabinus, who is his idol.continue Reading 

The fact that another ambitious Nigerian has started a similar journey after a biker vowed to pedal to Lagos state in order to visit Davido suggests that this time period offers fans the chance to meet their idols.

Kech Man, a resident of Benue, decided to travel from Benue to Lagos on foot in order to see renowned comedian Sabinus.

Kech Man stressed in highly watched videos that he is currently navigating the difficult terrain of Nasarawa and moving on with unwavering resolve through the pouring rain.

In an effort to spread the word about the video until his favorite, Sabinus, became aware of his unwavering objective, he implored his devoted fans to do so online.

Watch video below 👇



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