Chizzy casts doubt on Princess’ assertion that she dates a billionaire, saying “You wouldn’t have competed for N120m


Former BBNAija competitor Chizzy Francis claims he doesn’t believe expelled “All Stars” housemate Princess’ assertion that she is dating a billionaire.continue ReadingĀ 

You might remember that the reality star claimed she didn’t worry about problems in the home because she is dating a millionaire and didn’t want to embarrass him.

Chizzy, however, said that anyone who was truly dating a billionaire would not be contending for the 120 million naira big prize in the most recent episode of Glich Africa’s To Be Honest podcast.

Chizzy stated…

You are not have to visit Biggie’s home if you are dating a billionaire, o. Why are you going to that reality program if you’re dating a billionaire? If Biggie sent you an invitation to the All-Star edition and said, “I want you to come,” you were supposed to reply, “No, bro, what’s N120m?”

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