Chinese Acrobat FALLS To Her Death During A Performance


Chinese Acrobat FALLS To Her Death During A Performance

A Chinese acrobat has died after falling during a show in Suzhou city on Saturday.

A viral clip showed the moment Sun Moumou, 37, fell from a height onto the stage.

Her husband failed to catch her with his legs as the pair transitioned in mid-air.

Local news claimed Sun fell from more than 32 feet (10 metres) above the ground.

Reports say she was taken to hospital where doctors were unable to save her life.

‘We were always happy together,’ her husband said. ‘As I am in the middle of the process of dealing with all of this, I can’t disclose any specific details at this time.’

In the original video, spectators are heard to scream as Sun loses her grip.

A colleague told reporters she was still breathing ‘weakly’ after the fall.

The performance was cancelled immediately, along with planned weekend shows.

The Global Times reported that Anhui Yaxi Performing Art Media had been fined more than $7,000 for ‘holding commercial performances without approval’.

Local officials expressed ‘deep condolences’ and sympathy to the victim’s family.

The couple, both born in 1986, reportedly had a son and a daughter together.

Social media users called for better regulation in the industry as the clip went viral.

Authorities will investigate how Sun performed without proper safety precautions.

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