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Bobrisky set to buy his nail technician a brand new Range Rover Velar, after gifting him iPhone 14

Popular Instagram influencer Bobrisky is quite the generous boss to his team and workers.

The socialite is set to gift his nail technician a Range Rover Velar worth almost 50million.
This is coming weeks after he gifted him an iPhone 14.
Taking to his social media page to share a photo of the new car, Bobrisky stated that if he doesn’t buy his nail technician a car this year, then he isn’t living up to his name.

According to him, he goes extra miles for his nail technician because he is the best and his loyal.
He revealed that he has been flying him to Lagos for over two years to do his nails.
Bobrisky added that he is short of words on Prince’s personality as he is too loyal.
“If I no buy you dis car dis year then I’m not BOBRISKY. Do you wonder why I do so much for my nail tech? He’s d best Prince nail is loyal to me with all his life. Have been flying him from Abuja to do my nails in Lagos for more two 2yr.

I’m short of words about Prince personality he’s just too loyal. Being loyal to me is my fastest weak point to catch my attention”.
Bobrisky spoils his nail technician with money

NEWSUPDATES247 reported that Bobrisky had taken to social media with a video showing how he over-compensated a male nail technician that works with him. The crossdresser was seen flaunting his fixed nails as he handed a massive stack of cash bundles to the technician.

Bobrisky stated that ladies who are ‘big girls’ must learn how to treat those who work for them really well.
Although he didn’t reveal how much the money was, the technician seemed really excited at what had just been paid to him.


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