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“Anything just to go viral with your small bre@st” – Reactions As 14 Years Nollywood actress share video of her bathing (Watch) ‎

The 14-year-old movie sensation, eager to dazzle and unveil her beauty secrets, embarked on a skincare escapade, leading her followers through the realms of her bathroom and bedroom, armed with an array of soaps and cream products. However, her bold endeavor was met with a barrage of criticism from fans who voiced concerns about her once-fair complexion taking on a rosy hue

Fans of Mercy Kenneth are buzzing with curiosity and a touch of worry as they’ve noticed a fiery transformation in the teenage actress’s complexion after she invited them on a whirlwind tour of her skincare regimen.

The fair-skinned movie star not only shared a video of herself in the bathroom deftly applying a skincare product but also caught some candid moments of her spreading cream on her skin like butter on a warm piece of toast.
The sensational young actress of Nollywood, Mercy Kenneth, has set tongues wagging with a video that reveals her secret skincare routine, all while showcasing her stunning beauty.

In this eye-catching clip spotted on her Instagram page, the 14-year-old movie sensation takes center stage in a bathroom, standing under a torrential downpour from the shower. With grace and finesse, she unveils the art of applying skincare soap to her face, leaving her fans utterly captivated.
Clad in a cozy bathroom robe, Mercy proceeded to divulge her skincare regimen, demonstrating the delicate art of applying and massaging cream onto her face and various parts of her body.

However fans who came across the video chimed in with their diverse opinions on her skincare routine video.
Some lamented that her skincare product seemed to be painting her fair complexion red, imploring her to put the brakes on its usage, as it appeared to be taking a toll on her skin.


This is coming weeks after Mercy Kenneth dropped a captivating video straight from the film set, sharing the spotlight with Doris Akonanya and a talented ensemble.
The 14-year-old sensation graced her Instagram feed with an electrifying sneak peek behind the scenes of her upcoming blockbuster, ‘Black Panther.’

Fans, who watched the array of mature-themed activities featuring the 14-year-old Mercy Kenneth in these scenes, raised concerns and inquiries directed at the movie producers and director. They questioned the decision to cast a teenager in such roles.


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