After the bodies of three newborn kids were discovered rotting in their home’s basement, a father and daughter who had been dating for years are now facing life in prison for murder and incest.

After the bodies of three newborn kids were discovered rotting in their home’s basement, a father and daughter who had been dating for years are now facing life in prison for murder and incest.Read full article¬†
The infants’ bones were found at the property in the northern Polish village of Czerniki, wrapped in plastic bags, and Piotr Gierasik, 54, and Paulina Gierasik, 20, were detained.
Paulina’s coworkers have recently shared details about how she “walked around hand-in-hand” with her father and “shaved her head so that other boys wouldn’t look at her.”
The father and daughter, who have each been charged with several charges of murder and each of incest, ‘lived like a couple,’ according to her coworkers at a cake store in the adjoining village of Stara Kiszewa, where she worked, and Paulina looked up to her father “as if he were God.
After the first two infants were discovered on Friday, further examinations on Saturday turned out a third body in a “advanced state of decomposition.”
Paulina’s coworkers claimed that when she started to dress in big, baggy clothes, they started to suspect she was expecting. Then, after taking three weeks out from work, she came back.
One coworker at the store told the publication Super Express: “We all believed she was pregnant; I believe she had corset-like belts fastened around herself.
She came home early from her vacation, and it was easy to see the difference. She was significantly weaker, more frail, and always exhausted.
She pretended to be surprised when we inquired about the child and denied it.
They lived together like a couple, another resident told the Fakt tabloid. She addressed him by his first name, Piotr. They moved about holding hands.
He shaved her head a few months ago so that other boys wouldn’t stare at her.
She regarded him as being equal to God.
The woman has been charged with two charges of murder as well as having an incestuous relationship with her father, according to Mariusz Duszyski of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdask, who spoke about the arrests earlier.
“The man was charged with three counts of murder, an incest charge involving his daughter, age 20, and an incest charge involving his other daughter.”
Two of the deceased children, according to the prosecution, were a result of his involvement with the 20-year-old, who they claim was having a consensual relationship with her father.
He had a relationship with another daughter after forcing her into sex, and this is how the third child was born.
The prosecutors stated that they believed he was responsible for the third baby’s death.
Police were tipped off by social services, which led to the terrible discoveries.
After his wife passed away, Piotr moved to the village about 15 years ago and was left to raise his children alone.
The father was left alone with the kids, a local informed the Super Express daily.
They number 10 or twelve, and the eldest ones have already left.
Piotr left a favourable impression. He replaced the windows in the house, but the garden is being neglected.
He showed no signs of drinking. He took the youngsters on walks or on mushroom hunting excursions.
simply everyday individuals. Who would have believed such abominations could have existed in their own house?
Following the discovery of a ‘disturbing’ text message that Paulina, 20, had written to her father, one of Paulina’s coworkers reportedly notified social services.
To find out how the infants passed away, prosecutors are still awaiting an autopsy.
Police are still searching the premises in the meanwhile to discover whether any further bodies have been buried inside.
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