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After rescuing the infant left in a pit latrine, Anambra detains the mother.

In the Otuocha area of the Anambra East Local Government Area, Nwaedoka Chidimma, 20, of the Izzi village in Ebonyi State, is charged with abandoning her newborn in a pit latrine. Read Full Article 

PUNCH Metro reported that the incident took place on Sunday and that the infant was saved late on Tuesday after some neighbors heard him sobbing from the pit toilet.

Apparently, the perpetrator had obtained a farm job in the region while pregnant, according to a local who only gave her first name, Esther. The perpetrator left the farm to use the restroom, and when she came back she was drenched in blood.

Farmer Esther asserted that the suspect had requested to remain in her home for a few days in order to finish the farming tasks she had discovered nearby.

She remarked, “Chidimma is my friend, and she begged me to let her stay at my house for a few days because she got a job working on a farm.” She was working on the farm, complaining of a stomach ache, and using the pit toilet to relieve herself when she suddenly started acting suspiciously.

She spent some time in the restroom before coming out with blood splatters. I immediately contacted a nurse because I assumed she had a stillbirth, and the nurse told me the baby had passed away after examining her.

“I told her to go home and tell her parents about the incident since I thought she had a stillbirth.

On Tuesday, we swiftly utilized a ladder to descend the pit after hearing a baby’s cries, rescued the child, and promptly alerted security services and the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare.

The newborn was soon taken to the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital in Amaku Awka after Ify Obinabo, the state’s commissioner for women’s and social welfare, became aware of the circumstance.

Later, the criminal was taken into custody.

Obinabo confirmed that the infant is secure and receiving care at the hospital while verifying the arrest of the culprit.

She lamented the high rate of youth crime and vowed to hold the young mother accountable and would not Escape punishment.

She claimed that Professor served as the governor of the state. Chukwuma Soludo is unable to tolerate such heinous and immoral activities.



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