Adamu Garba: ECOWAS cannot formally declare war.


ECOWAS cannot start a war right away, says Adamu Garba.continue Reading 

According to All Progressives Congress (APC) leader and former presidential candidate Adamu Garba, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) cannot immediately declare war.

He insisted that the National Assembly, National Security Council, and Council of State must all concur before declaring war.

He did, however, add that it would be a mistake for Africa if the body did declare war on the Niger Republic.

He continued by claiming that the military alert from ECOWAS was vague and not necessarily a declaration of war.

He stated: “If truly ECOWAS declares war against Niger in the name of democracy, it will be the biggest strategic error for Africa in The 21st Century.

This contradicts the earlier today State House declaration that the Niger coup issue should be handled diplomatically rather than through force.

I don’t think that’s how war is proclaimed. The National Assembly, National Security Council, and Council of State must all give their consent. The President must also address the nation to explain why war is necessary.

“ECOWAS cannot formally declare war.

“The media may conjecture from time to time. We may have to wait and watch how the situation plays out.

“The ECOWAS statement is not unequivocal and is vague. For me, “activating the military as a standby force for deployment” does not entail launching hostilities.

“Media shouldn’t lead you astray with false assumptions. We must continue to wait and see what happens next.

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