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A woman who claims 35 years every year” Finally Reveals Her Real Age.

As Allwell Ademola turns 41, Debbie Shokoya teases her, “To a woman who claims 35 years every year.”continue Reading 

Nollywood actress Debbie Shokoya made fun of her senior colleague Allwell Ademola for consistently giving a phony age.

Until she reached 40 last year, Allwell misrepresented her age as 35 for a period of four years.

Debbie made fun of herself on her Instagram page by asking if anyone had ever met the movie star, who she said is amusing.

Debbie said that when they first meet, Allwell always makes her chuckle.

She prayed for her in a letter.

“Happy Birthday to a woman @allwellademolaa who claims to be 35 years old every year!” Do you know her?

She has a contagious smile.

She has a contagious smile.

Always making me laugh anytime we connect, young forever.

I hope you live a long, healthy, and prosperous life. God’s blessings and mercies are always upon you.

To honor her new age, the celebrant uploaded beautiful images of herself dressed in purple.

Allwell claimed that she was chosen by her birthdays rather than the other way around.

She gave thanks to God and boasted about herself.

“We celebrate me today. This birthday selected me, not the other way around.

You’re welcome, Eniobanke.

I always have pride in you.



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